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The Fine Print

The content of is produced solely by myself (Paula Victoria) for information purposes only. Everything I share on as well as via HappiestInGreen social media accounts is a representation of my own ideas, opinions and beliefs at the time of its publication, I reserve the right to change my mind as I grow, change and expand my knowledge. I also reserve the right to edit the content of as well as this Disclaimer at any time without notice.




I strongly believe in the power (and necessity) of referencing people's work, especially nowadays when we're so fortunate to be able to share so much with a simple tap of a finger. This is how we keep the flow of information going smoothly and how we give credit where it's due. If I am ever not the sole author of something that I share I always do my best to provide the appropriate references.

Similarly, as I often share information I've learned through my studies and research on a given topic and that knowledge obviously comes from external sources (such as books, other websites, etc), I make sure to always reference my sources whether it is directly underneath a post or in the reference section of this site.

While I take care to make sure that the reference links I provide come from trusted sources and are working properly at the time I share them, there is always a possibility that a link may become invalid or change over time. It is the Internet and anyone can say whatever they desire, often with little to no consequences, I, therefore, have to state that I cannot be responsible or in any way liable for the information contained within the sites I share links to.

Photos, Content, Copyrights, Distribution


Unless otherwise stated all of the content of HappiestInGreen is my own, meaning that I am the sole author of all of the images, graphics and written posts you can find here. I absolutely don't mind you sharing any of it if you so please, however I do request that you always provide information about the source of whatever you share accompanied by a link back to this site and/or the relevant social media post.

Not a Substitute for Medical Advice


Though I base a lot of the content of this site on the knowledge I gained from the sources I list, the information I share here, unless otherwise stated, is all written and edited solely by myself. I acquired it as a result of my studies, research as well as my own personal experiences and realizations. Its purpose is to inform, provide access to ideas that will expand your knowledge and perhaps even inspire and motivate you to live a happier, healthier and more balanced life so that you could feel good enough to thrive in this lifetime and share your gifts and passions with the world. That said, I am not a medical professional and none of the content I provide here should be taken as professional or medical advice nor should it be used to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any medical conditions, be they of the physiological or mental variety. If you feel that you suffer from any serious conditions, please do not ignore your body and contact your medical professional as soon as possible. It is my hope that the information I provide here helps to support a healthy, balanced lifestyle and not to replace any professional medical or psychiatric treatment. Please remember that even though I try to be objective I often write from my own experience and while something I do could also turn out to be a good tip for you, it might as well not be- we are all unique and like I always say, there is no one-size-fits-all, so be mindful please, and know that you are the one responsible for your own health and that by using this site you consent that you understand that I am not responsible or liable for any loses, injuries, or damages that might occur from the use or display of the inflation I provide here.


Privacy, Cookies and Data Processing

This site was build using the platform which may collect certain information about you- the visitors of for more information about this please read section #6 of Wix Privacy Policy. Cookies and other tracking technologies may also be used and to find out more about them you can scroll down to section #9 of Wix Privacy Policy. Please note that by using you agree to the applicable to you ("User-of-User'") points of the Wix Privacy Policy

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