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The Feminine within us all

While celebrating all women today (as important as it is), let us also remember and celebrate the feminine in all of us, no matter who you are and what you identify as.

We all have both (the feminine and the masculine) in us and they both need to be accepted and embraced as parts of us for us to ever feel whole and truly well.

We applaud and often favor the masculine on a daily basis, but the feminine tends to only be acknowledged and celebrated in new parents (which is great) but we seem to forget that it's so much more than caring for newborns.

It's often a different perspective to what we're used to, a different way of working and living, a shift in priorities... Beyond nurturing, it's intuition, creativity, collaboration, and gratitude and openness... It's sensitivity, vulnerability, surrender, allowing, feeling, stillness and flow...

We all have it in us, yet most of us, (men and women and everyone in between), are too afraid to allow it to transpire, to embrace it as an integral part of us to the actual extent that it is - and it's different for each of us. We're often conditioned to hide it for reasons ranging from being afraid of what people would think to being afraid about not doing a good enough job at work.

But here's the thing. If we don't own it in ourselves, the world will never learn to normalize it enough- for us, but also so that our children (or our children’s children) can avoid dealing with all the issues such selective acceptance of the self brings about. And there's not enough room here to even begin to get into what those can be.

So regardless of your gender, make sure you give your feminine a shout out today and do your best to celebrate it, at least as much and as regularly as you celebrate the masculine in you.. and in others too.


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