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Golden (Milk) Oatmeal

Here's a quick recipe for your most basic Golden Milk Oatmeal.

It's especially perfect for the cold months of the year, but I've enjoyed it plenty of times in the summertime as well.

If you'd like to read all about the health benefits of oats you can check out the Oat Basics post over here. I also share there the most basic way to make regular oatmeal. And here is how to make it a Golden Oatmeal:

Golden (Milk) Oatmeal Recipe

yields: 1 serving

prep time: 10-15 minutes


  • 1/2 cup of oats (I use gluten-free oats)

  • 1 cup of sugar-free plant-based milk (I use almond milk)

  • small pinch of salt

  • 1 tsp of the Golden Milk Spice Mix (recipe here) or you can just add the following spices: about 1/4 tsp of ground turmeric, about 1/4 tsp of ground cinnamon, a pinch of ground ginger, a pinch of ground cardamom, and a pinch of ground nutmeg

  • pinch of freshly ground black pepper

  • 1/4 cup of nuts of choice, 1 tbsp of pure 100% nut butter or 1/3 tsp of unrefined coconut oil

  • optional sweeteners: fresh fruit or about 2-3 pitted dates or 1 tbsp of pure maple or agave syrup

  • optional: 1 tbsp of plant-based yogurt


1) Pour the plant milk into a saucepan on medium heat

2) Add all of the spices, salt and pepper; mix well. You can use a whisk or a hand-held milk frother to get the spices to mix well.

3) If you'd like to sweeten your oatmeal with dates instead of fresh fruit (later on) chop the dates into small chunks and add them into the saucepan so they sweeten the warm milk.

4) Add the oats into your golden-colored milk, mix well, and let it all simmer until the oats soften, steering occasionally. You might need to add some more milk or water if you find that the oats need more time, but they've already soaked up all the milk.

5) If you're using coconut oil as your fat source, I recommend adding it in now.

6) Once the oats reach your desired consistency (some like them very mushy, some prefer a bit under-cooked) transfer your oatmeal into a bowl.

7) You can now add whatever you like on top of the oatmeal- fresh fruit (banana slices, berries), maple or agave syrup, nuts or seeds of choice or your nut butter, as well as some yogurt.

8) Eat as is or mix it all well, so that it looks like a bowl of awfully messy deliciousness and dig in!

Some photos for inspiration:


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